final crises was garbage

Worest writing ever.


I agree that’s it’s really bad.


One of my favorite stories.

I like Final Crisis more than other 2000s events (looking at you, Brad and Geoff!) but it’s not my favorite Morrison comic. That said, it birthed the incredibly underrated and completely awesome Superman Beyond two-issue miniseries, so…

I just hated what they did to Atom and Duela Dent. But I freaking loved OMAC Project and how it set up Checkmate though. Plus without Crisis we would not have Secret Six or the Jamie Reyes Blue Beetle so … splitting my losses.

The Super Beyond tie-in is the single greatest Superman story ever written (yes, even better than All-Star or Birthright), and I will fight anyone who disagrees.

The main problem with Final Crisis is that the Superman Beyond issues are an essential part of the story, but they are mislabeled as tie-ins. The last issue of the main series makes no sense if you haven’t read what Superman has been doing. Other than that, I like the story.