Filmation Superman!

I was thrilled to see the 60’s Superman cartoon series added complete with the Superboy shorts for seasons 2 and 3 that were not on the DVD release.

Where are the Superboy cartoons from season 1?

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Not sure for season one, but there is an episode (12 or 13, maybe) where you see the opening of a Superboy short and then it goes into the next Superman story. Don’t know if that’s a glitch from the DVD or digital release but it caught my attention.

I’m loving this show. It’s my number one DCU TV show right now. Thanks for adding it DCU!

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IF I remember correctly…and I do…the way the episodes originally aired in Season 3 were as follows:
Part one of the Superman toon
TZ Superboy, commercial, air Superboy toon
Part two of the Superman toon.