Filmation Superman/Batman

:grinning:Tomorrow the filmation of Superman and Batman will premiere on here! I can’t wait to watch it! Anyone else excited to see it?


Absolutely! I love the Superman show in particular as well as it’s catchy theme (“Super, super Superman!”).


I’m just disappointed everything keeps saying the New Batman Adventures are coming, since the new Batman show has a similar title.

It ended up being the one from the late 70 with Batmite…which is cool…but I hope at some date they also release the Batman filmation toons from the late 60s…

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That show is The Adventures of Batman and I’d love to see it here too. It’s the better of the two Filmation Batman series (Nothing against The New Adventures of Batman really).

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The “original” Filmation Batman series actually started of as half of The Batman/Superman Hour which debut on CBS-TV back in September 1968.

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