Female Furies mini-series (debuts 2/6/19)

I just read about this at the main DC site. It’s a six issue mini that sounds like it’ll be alot of fun. Has anyone else heard about it yet?


No, but I’ll take the furies anytime. I was happy how much play they got in the Justice Leagues and STAS, Actually way more then I ‘d thought they’d get when those came out. Hopefully they use em in the New Gods movie.

Love the idea of it, but the plot that’s being described sounds…questionable, at best.

I’m interested in it. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to add it to my pull list or not. I’m kind of maxed out right now with the books I’m getting, so adding anything new means having to drop something else. :-/ Ahh, the books I would buy if only my family didn’t have to eat.

As long as it has Lashina featured prominently, I’ll be happy with it.


Just heard about it on DC Daily and I’ll be reading it :slight_smile:


2 weeks later & now that I’ve seen it I can’t wait! Big Barda, Lashina, Gilotina, Mad Harriet, Stompa, Bernadeth, Bloody Mary, Wanda, Artemis, Speed Queen, Granny Goodness. Needles to say I’m pumped. Not sure what all characters will be in it, but for me, it’s already a can’t miss. Especially b/c I never thought I’d get to see an all furries comic.

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This all sounds very exciting! Preview art here, fi you haven’t seen it:


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Thank u. I’ve only seen a very small clip & it was in black & white. Female villains are my number 1’s, 2. Is female superheroes 3. Is male villains & 4. Is male superheroes. I think it’s b/c I was infatuated with WW on super friends when I was a kid.

I thought the issue 7 Mister Miracle featuring The Furies was hilarious lot of fun lot of heart.

Yeah I heard about it I’m so glad that Big Barda is in it!