feeling lucky!

I am so grateful the First episode of Titans is still around for me to watch. The comics I wanted read have been rotated out so quickly. Any chance DC can add a leaving soon to the home page so We don’t have to dig and find the appropriate posting? It would make prioritizing a tad easier.

They had one at one time but took it down. Honestly, I am not the “change it or I leave” type, and know that they wouldn’t bend to that even if I did, I am not that important. But their adding a “leaving soon” section seemed to show they were listening so why is it gone? I am about over having to do homework to know when stuff is leaving especially when some of this stuff has such short turnaround. Their sole notice that the Batman movies are leaving in TWO DAYS was a post in the forum… when the day was halfway over to boot. They gave notice with the movie when the Burton Batman movies were down, but now they can’t do it? This is a pay service, it is beyond reasonable to expect them to make it easy to find out when something is going to leave soon, especially if it is only up for a matter of weeks. This is starting to become inexcusable. Even when they seem to be making progress they just… stop doing it.

Although I will say if they actually took down an episode of their own original series three weeks after it came out… they would deserve the crap storm that would have followed that decision.

We like to keep everyone informed of what will be leaving and coming to the app and this is done via The Watchtower. I suggest keeping an eye on this for details moving forward. :slight_smile:

You can check out the latest post here: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/watchtower/last-chance-coming-soon-t_7