"Fear State" Bat-Family Event in August -- Including New Jace Fox Title "I Am Batman"!

DC just announced this today: Fear State will be the main event set within the Batman title, with at least some titles crossing over with it. It looks like it will feature Scarecrow, the Magistrate/Peacekeeper 01, as well as Poison Ivy.

But that’s not all, the announcement also reveals a new-ongoing title written by John Ridley and drawn by Travel Foreman called “I Am Batman”, which will continue Jace’s story after the events of the “Second Son” digital first series.

Here’s the titles announced for the event so far for the month of August:

  • I Am Batman #0
  • Catwoman #34
  • Harley Quinn #6
  • Batman: Fear State Alpha #1

And the six issues of the Batman book that will have the main event will have a cool interconnected variant cover scheme:

What do you guys think? Looking forward to this event?

Here’s the link from DC Comics’ website:


Sounds really interesting. Always up for Scarecrow getting a big event as a Bat Villain.

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I’ll admit that it would be nice to see a Scarecrow event after what has felt like a decade of non-stop Joker stories, but overall Tynion’s run is losing my interest.

Really enjoying Jace getting more of a spotlight and fair shake at the mantel. I feel like it’s been done pretty well so far and I’m interested in seeing where DC takes him.