FaZe Clan and DC Collab

Have you seen this collaboration?
[FaZe Clan Enters DC.]

I work in esports and I am so surprised by this collaboration. On one hand, I am SO THRILLED to see DC interested in esports. This is the ultimate peak flex and I would not need anything else in my career ever. That’s amazing.

BUT, I’m surprised it’s with FaZe Clan as they have been involved in so much controversy. Their individual members have done things like being banned permanently from Fortnite for streaming hacks. Most recently and still ongoing is a cryptocurrency rug pull.

These are not FaZe sanctioned scams or anything, just A LOT of their members get into a lot of controversies that are not minor internet trolling.

I’m hyped there is any interest from DC in esports so I think that’s awesome! I just wish it wouldn’t be tied to FaZe Clan. (Though tbh, esports is dramatic everywhere lol)

Anyway, maybe I’m missing something? I know FaZe has denounced the actions of their players who scammed people and welcomed back the ones who were innocent and exonerated. I suppose they’d make a fun rogues gallery. :laughing: I hope this just means there will be more interest and collab in the future.


Definitely something I was not aware of! :eyes: Have they advertised the collab at all? Regardless, I think it’s definitely cool that DC Comics may be dipping their toes in eSports! I would really like to see what they have in store.

Btw. It is super neat that you have a job in eSports! Seems fun! :smiley:


Oops! I thought there was a link in there… here ya go: Batman gets into esports as DC partners with FaZe Clan for comic book

I nearly cried when I read this… I was just watching esports news and was like… WHAT!! I went into my kid’s room and she was with all of her friends and I was freaking out… I’m pretty sure they were crying with me. :innocent:

I actually am in VR esports which is a lot smaller, but should totally net us a Cyborg collab right?? lol… It’s exciting and stressful all in one.