Favorite Titan

From Wally West to Starfire, who is your favorite titan, whether they be old or new? My choice is most certainly Nightwing.

Nightwing or Starfire or Wally

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Nightwing, Cyborg and Beast Boy

Jericho, before he turned evil. After that, Raven. Followed by Nightwing.



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Raven or Nightwing :slight_smile:

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Jericho was my favorite at least before he turned evil. Raven was also a favorite of mine.

Dick, Wally, Donna, Garth, Roy, Gar, Lilith, Mal, Karen, Victor, Kory, and Raven. Yea, I know that’s pretty much the entirety of the original teams. What can I say-- I grew up on back issues. And no, LOL, I don’t dislike Duella-- or many of the later additions. Gnarrk-- never a favorite. Obviously, though, DC Comics hates me and my favorite characters. :open_mouth:

Man, that’s not fair. I’d have to equally split Raven and Koriand’r but I still wouldn’t feel right bout not including a ton of others…

i love all of them but since i was a little kid watching teen titans my favorite was always koriand’r or gar

I’m in the same boat as @djd187.81432 and @koriandr. nowadays, but like the way you handled that with the long listing, @danialworks.33217 :wink:

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Either Raven or Beast boy.
…or nightwing

Its too difficult of a choice really. Their personalities work so well in concert together

Raven, my girl.

Gotta love Raven