Favorite Superhero Movies and Why

What’s your favorite Superhero film of all time? What could you watch over and over? Why is this your favorite. Discuss!


My favorite is probably ~ Superman Vs The Elite. :00_superman:
It perfectly exemplifies Superman’s morals imo. Valuing life and not taking it.
It was that plus Kingdom Come that made Supes my favorite character in DC.

Although I only watched it like 2 or 3 times as a kid. My most rewatched over and over movie is Gunn’s The Suicide Squad :00_suicide_squad2: Maybe ~ 7 times in English and 3 in Spanish. :thinking:


We get an emotional, moving performance from Kevin Conroy.


Hmm, I don’t know if my answers to those questions would actually be the same movie. I tend to watch lighter/shorter movies more frequently, even if I love some of the longer/darker movies. For example, I’ve seen Batman Forever many more times than The Batman, but I wouldn’t rank it higher on a favorites list.

If I had to choose one in line with both, then my answer may be Iron Man… or The Rocketeer.

Actually, let’s go with The Rocketeer. I started smiling just thinking about it. :slight_smile:


The Dark Myself Returns Part II


This one:

Edit: Natalie Portman deserves to have been nominated for an Oscar her role, but Hugo Weaving deserved to have won one. He managed to give an outstanding performance WITHOUT using his eyes and facial features. Bravo! :clap:



Considering I have seen 114 DC movies to only 27 Marvel movies it should not be a surprise my pick is from DC.


Guilty pleasures of mine.


I really enjoyed both Shazam! movies (probably the first the most) because they both made me laugh a LOT on top of telling a really good story.

Plus, being new to Shazam!, I never saw that little twist coming in the first movie — and the details they added in leading up to it were REALLY cool once I went back and rewatched.


Mysterymen! Was an enjoyable flick, but it was a misstep to make it a 180% departure from the comics


The Flash or Batman Beyond Return of the Joker (I guess I’m attracted to final chapters)


Dang it! Forgot about Birds of Prey.

Margot Robbie always slays it as Harley Quinn. :metal:


Now this…is tough. Because I’m not sure if I have just one. For starters, “Watchmen” will always have a place for me because it was the first R rated superhero movie I saw.

“V for Vendetta” is a movie I watch every year (yes, on the 5th of November) and it’s a movie I find myself finding more value in over the years

The 1989 “Batman” and the sequel “Batman Returns” are iconic. But my favorite Batman film is “Mask of the Phantasm”.

Then of course a few others like the 2017 “Wonder Woman” or James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad”. Too many options!


One of my favorites as well.


So many:
Batman: The Movie (1966)
Superman (1978)
Superman II (1980)
Batman (1989)
The Rocketeer (1991)
Batman Returns (1992)
The Crow (1994)
Mystery Men (1999)
V for Vendetta (2005)
The Dark Knight Trilogy
Watchmen (2009)
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
Wonder Woman (2017)
The Batman (2022)
Blue Beetle (2023)


Oooh I got a few to talk about.

Of all time? Justice League (Snyder Cut). I can watch this movie countless times and I still love it. It’s the movie that solidifed my return to comic book movies and would eventually lead me to join this forum. I love Snyder’s style and I loved how epic and mythical it is. I was in completely enthralled of this movie when I first watched it,

A close second would be The Dark Knight Rises.

It’s usually between this movie and The Dark Knight but right now I’m leaning towards TDKR. I just love how epic and how much of a bigger threat Bane is than every other villain before and Bruce’s comeback story.

Outside of DC? Logan.

and Punisher Warzone

I know it has a very low reviews and doesn’t have good lighting or special effects but I still really enjoyed this movie. Had some dark humor as well.


Mine’s gonna be a little unusual (Surprise!). My favorite movie is The Phantom. I used to read the comics growing up that my Grandmother saved for me because our town’s paper didn’t carry it. I thought it captured the proper feeling of the strip and I heard that Lee Falk liked it. I wish it had been more popular and had (a lot of) sequels. I do realize that It’s not for everyone.


I cannot blame you, as the phantom was a major influence when Bob Kane designed me. His original design of me was a cross between The Phantom, Flash Gordon, and my best buddy.


Batman Begins is my favorite Batman film because Cillian Murphy is in it.

I also really love Suicide Squad (2016), because Jai Courtney is in it.