Favorite Suicide Squad Series/Story

After I just finished reading Legends I decided to read the old suicide Squad series by John Ostrander. I figured I would read the first couple of issues and read the Janus direct storyarc to see what I thought of the series.

Since I’m not familiar with the series I figured I would ask what your favorite series and or story of suicide Squad is. There are lots of series and mini series to choose from so I didn’t know if there were a few hidden gems or not.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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I’ve mostly only read the newer stuff, so my recommendations wouldn’t be too thorough. That said, I did love the opening arcs of the Rebirth run (Black Vault and Going Sane), though that’s mainly because of Jim Lee’s art, and Tom Taylor’s been killing it on the title currently. And a hidden gem I don’t see get brought up much is Most Wanted: Deadshot by Brian Buccellato and Viktor Bogdanovic. It’s a miniseries that gives Floyd a brilliantly dark new origin and has a lot of great action overall

What year did most wanted deadshot come out?

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