Favorite Squad Villains/Antiheroes

Spoiler warning ahead!!!

There were a lot of standouts on this black ops team. James Gunn has given us a roster of useless villains from TDK all they way up to OP villains such as Bloodsport. Villains that have done crimes and the most horrific things are being forced to use these skills they have for the good of man kind. I want to hear from you as of who were your top 3 favorites (despite if they died or not) within the film. (Also it goes from 3,2,1. Don’t know what the 3,4,5 is about)

  1. King Shark - Overall, I think he’s becoming such a fan favorite now within the DC universe. The way James put him in as a “Groot” of the DCEU except much more deadlier, incredible lack of intelligence, and is just a man eating shark just brings such softness to a lot. I knew him from the New 52 continuity and personally I didn’t mind them not using the hammerhead since they decided in was awkward, but the great white was still fantastic. I’m really hoping to see his character again.

  2. Peacemaker - As much as I want Harley to stick him with her javelin or feed him to King Shark for brunch for what he did to Flag, Peacemaker is my number 2. I hate this guy, but I hate him so much that he’s just weirdly one of my definite favorites as well. This has to be John Cena’s best role. He was hilarious and just all around amazing. I mean a guy who cherishes peace that he is willing to do whatever it takes just brings a totally unique vibe. I loved the rivalry between him and Bloodsport which made the story a lot more appealing. There is a HUGE plot twist with his character that I totally was not expecting. It made me feel much more interested into seeing his character more. Now that we are getting an HBO Max Peacemaker tv show this January by James Gunn, it just has me so hyped.

  3. Harley Quinn - Compared to 2016 SS and BOP, this was and is a perfect portrayal of Harley Quinn by Margot Robbie. The comic accuracy in terms of the character herself and looks was just a 100%. Every moment I watched, I said now this is the favorite character I know of from the classic 90 animated series, New 52, and rebirth. Despite her slowly churning into an antihero now over the years, she’s still a psychopath regardless. A sane person would run, but an insane one like Harley bolts in. She kicks whoever’s butt crosses her path. The escape scene is by far one of my most favorites to watch from the movie. The change she’s been going through as someone who needed the Joker in 2016, completely lost and trying to figure it out in 2019 from bop, but in this film she KNOWS who she is. That I feel like brings her character in a full circle.

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  1. Flag- look I just have a soft spot for the ‘normal’ charcter who gets put with all the weirdos and tris to parent, organize, and keep alive a bunch of idiots.
  2. Harley- margot robbie always does a great job as Harley and continues to improve. also they did a good job of adressing her and joker’s relationship, her speech to Luna, being surprised that someone wanted to come save her, but they adressed the relationship without the extreme sexulizing of Harley(glares at first suicide squad movie)
  3. Ratcatcher as someone who is often sleep deprived and the fact that she was so indifferent to waller in the begining was awesome. she’s kind to everyone and has a pet.

ok mine is doing the 3, 4,5 thing too, weird


ratcatcher 2 is my favorite character in the suicide squad


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(Also, between you, me, and everyone else reading this, Ratcatcher was also my fave. :rat:)

  1. Harls

  2. Rick

  3. R II



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