Favorite snack while reading comics or watching DC movies?

It could be fictional (chocos, big belly burger) or non fictional. Some people may think its gross (my wife), but i love eating ice cream (preferably rocky road) drowned in coke or dr pepper. May sound gross but its like a root beer float. What’s you’re favorite snack, dont hold out on me! #lexforprez

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A Big Gulp of Whak Soda and a package of Chocos.

Course, I never eat while reading. Rather, before or after.

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I never eat while reading comics. I paid four bucks for this! I ain’t gonna let my messy eating ruin it!

Now if we’re talking about movies… lemons! I love them so much. They’re my favorite. However, I don’t have them as frequently as I’d like, so I usually settle for some Sour Skittles or Salt & Vinegar Chips.

Whak soda nice!

“Whak smashing cola” i put so much time in on dc online

Whak Soda is Jim Lee’s soda of choice.

Darn well should be, he created it afterall.

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