Favorite Smallville Episodes?

Smallville has a bit of a divisive history but in my opinion it’s peak DC retro TV I thought we could discuss favorite episodes! For me it’s probably the one where Lana goes bad in season one. I always thought she’d make a great villain but they never went all the way there

Anyone else?

Absolute Justice is a highlight for me in terms of the DC character guest stars episodes.

If we’re talking powerful episodes, I think the finales to seasons two and three were strong.

And of course, Rosetta. Yes, Christopher Reeve as Dr. Virgil Swann was outstanding, but the episode itself gave Clark some of the answers to questions he’s had his whole life. I love the score in that episode, particularly when Clark is translating the second part of Jor-El’s message in Swann’s office.

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I will always be sad about Reeve’s untimely demise. He could’ve had an amazing run on Smallville

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Yea. To think of what we could have gotten had he been with us for a little while longer. I’m convinced they would’ve made Swann the vessel for Jor-El rather than Lionel had Reeve lived.

Yes let’s talk about Smallville; more specifically your all time favorite episode? It has ten glorious seasons and so many Superman comic references you can’t help but smile! So let me know what’s is that episode that made you get so hyped up members of your family thought you were watching sports. (Tell me I’m not alone) So like always let me help get this party started; my all time favorite episode was Run season 4 episode 5. The first time another DC hero was introduced into the Smallville universe. The end race between the two hero’s aka speedsters was just fun and heart warming.

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I just finished watching Smallville over the weekend. Was my first time watching the show. Took me about 4-5 months to binge through it.

Gonna have to go with the final episode. After 10 seasons… finally seeing him fly and rip open that shirt to reveal the S alongside the John Williams music…it…was…epic.

Side effect of binging: it’s all jumbled together now :joy:


I like the Red Kryptonite episodes with evil jerk Clark, Welling has so much fun they’re hilarious

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@moro the show runners should’ve dismissed the no tight no flight rule. It would’ve been awesome to see the progression from superpower Kansas farm boy to Superman! Heck the last three seasons he was Superman in different suits just no Flying.

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Omg there are so many good episodes! Once Lois was introduced and then when they got together there were so many great episodes!

I think season 10 episode 14 “Fortune” has to be one of the funniest.

10x11 “Icarus” sees them get engaged and in 10x05 “Isis” Clark finally tells Lois his secret (even though she knows and loves him).

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Agreed. It’s the only criticism I have of the show. It’s like, the ultimate tease (another term on the tip of my tongue, that probably isn’t appropriate for DCU :joy:).

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