Favorite Injustice characters

Who is your favorite male and female character in the Injustice series? They can either be heroes or villains or both. And it can be from the first and second game


Shazam (but we know what happened to him) and Zatanna. Who’s your two @DesigningGore07?

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My favorites are Green Arrow and Black Canary

That’s a tough one, but I’ll go with my most frequently used characters, both of which are favorites of mine until the comics as well. For male, I’ll go with Atrocitous and for female Cheetah. Although there were a few characters that were close seconds, those two win out and are the two I usually choose when playing the game.

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Batman, Deathstroke. Bane, Green Lantern and Flash


If we’re talking the comics, Constantine. No challenge. If we’re talking games…hmmm, Joker, Black Manta, Batman(2nd game) and Red Hood immediately come to mind.

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Injustice 1:
Hero: Superman
Villain: Sinestro
Guest Character: Zatanna

Injustice 2:
Hero: Batman
Villain: Scarecrow
Guest Characters: TMNT

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Injustice 1
Hero: Shazam
Villain: Doomsday

Injustice 2
Hero: Dr. Fate
Villain: Black Manta

Injustice: God’s amoung us

Hero’s: Batman

Villains: Scorpion

Injustice 2

Hero’s: Batman

Villains: Scarecrow

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