Favorite hero or villain that’s not been given enough screen time or properly used in tv or movies

my favorite hero that hasn’t been used much is Firestorm and my favorite villain that hasn’t properly been used or shown enough is Prometheus. What’s your guys thoughts or comments on your favorite hero or villain?

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Hero side is definitely either Jessica Cruz or Emiko Queen. I know they’re newer characters, but Emiko had her character butchered in her first ever appearance outside of comics. Contrastly, Jessica had her own animated movie, essentially; however, with the way her character can be utilized, she should have more animated appearances and even be talked about more in terms of a DCEU movie.

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Don’t know if you’re only talking DC, but mine is Ms. Marvel. She’s my third or fourth favorite hero, and I yearn for her to get her own MCU film.

Otherwise, probably Green Lantern? The only times he hasn’t been a side character has been his own movie (which I personally enjoyed, but most people don’t), and the animated series which didn’t get enough attention. GL is also one of my favorite heroes, so I really want a good representation that becomes popular.

Also, Doctor Doom and Ghost Rider come to mind. Again, though, that’s Marvel (I know Ghost Rider was on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but I don’t know if he was done well).

Two simple words: Booster Gold.

I loved him on Smallville but it was just one episode. I hope he shows up on Legends of Tomorrow


Oh yes! Booster Gold and Ted Kord Blue Beetle need proper representation!


Lady Shiva and Cassandra Cain as Well as Rose and Jericho

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I’d also like to see the original Checkmate.

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The Question is probably the main one. He was great in Justice League Unlimited, appeared in a Batman: The Brave and the Bold cold open, and has otherwise been completely unused in adaptations. It’s not like he’d take up much budget or be hard to work into a plot.

Villain-wise, most of my favorites have done pretty well. I guess Wade Eiling, while he appears a lot, is usually written as a Generic Shady Military Dude, which is disappointing considering what an awesomely devious bad guy he was in the '86 Captain Atom series. I’ll second Lady Shiva as well.

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You know me well, P4R4D0X.

There have only been two portrails of the Riddler I thought did him justice.

Frank Gorshin in Batman 66 (John Astin, was good but it lost just that little bit of narcissism.

The Batman (Animated) not BTAS. That version really grasped the feel of a darker narcissist.

I absolutely loathed the Jim Carry version and BTAS lacked that seriously narcissistic element.

I’d like to see a live action Midnighter for a hero. And for a villain, I want Scarface. I think it’d be awesome to see more of him in all of his puppet-mastery.

I didn’t love the versions of Anarky on beware the Batman or Arrow.

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Any and all Green Lantern related content. That is a whole space opera full of characters and locations that could make for amazing live action content (although pretty expensive I’d imagine).

Also, Hawkman has really been treated poorly. Would love to see more of him in live action or animation.

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There are a lot of characters I think haven’t been done justice. In fact, the most recent character I like that has been treated pretty horribly is Harper Row. I get that they’re using her as a “living in an abusive household” story, but there’s just so much more they can do with her character that they missed because they ditched most of her background.

Character I feel like deserve more attention by actually being in TV or movies include Duela Dent, Cassandra Cain (her cameo in YJ doesn’t count), Jon Kent II, Adam Strange (he was fun to see in that one YJ episode, but other than that we only have the Booster Gold-like Adam on the Krypton show) and most of the JSA.

Klarion the Witchboy is my favorite villain

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I’ve got to say Blue Beetle would be one I’ve always wanted more from. I was so excited when I saw the footage for the live action series they were considering only for them to scrap all of it. I’m just hoping that plans for a stand-alone movie go smoothly.

As for villains I would love to see more of either Sinestro or Atrocitus, Sinestro has been the perpetual tease, only hinting at his villain status on the movie and only showing up in one episode of GLTAS before it was cancelled. Atrocitus was a great character on said show but I felt he could have been fleshed out more, and he definitely deserves more exposure.

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I would like a lot but hero would be Tim Drake feel like he’s most underrated Robin and villain would be Scarecrow, I know he was in Batman Begins but he was only the villain for like 2 seconds and there could be so much more potential


I love some Blue Beetle and Booster Gold animated antics.



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