Favorite Comic The Year You Were Born

Sort the full list of comics by year. What’s your favorite series that started the year you were born?

Mine would have to be Legends of the Dark Knight (1989-).


Mine is All-Star Squadron (1981-). It was between 3 titles it appears and this is the only one I have read from or that remotely interested me.

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On the app, Mister Miracle (1988-) Although it was a very good year for comics. Animal Man, Hellblazer, Killing Joke, Silver Surfer Parable, Black Orchid. Would have been a difficult choice between all of those!


I have three choices for 1972: Supergirl, Swamp Thing, and the Demon. I don’t like any of them :frowning:

I REALLY dislike the Demon, and I think Swamp Thing is kinda boring (except for the really good Moore issues), so I guess Supergirl?

Unfortunately there are no Comics here that I can find for the year I was born.

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I was born in 1950, and no comics I know of started then.

One Title ended, All Star Comics, however and I actually have a digital copy on my Nook app from years ago. I wanted it since I read about their last adventure together, which was illustrated for a couple of pages in Flash 129, in June 1962.

All-Star Comics (1940-) #57

Final Golden Age issue: The
last appearance of Golden
Age Green Lantern, the Flash
and Dr. Mid-Nite in the JSA
story "The Mystery of the
Vanishing Detectives!

Released 1950-02-01

WRITERS(S): John Broome
Joe Kubert, Frank Giacoia, Arthur Peddy
Joe Kubert. Frank Giacoia, Bernard Sachs

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If I were just five months older I could say Batgirl, but the only series I’ve read starting in 2001 is The Dark Knight Strikes Again, so that’s fun.

(And for those of you keeping track at home: yeah, I’m really young for a law student. It’s a long story.)


Crisis on Infinite Earths. :slight_smile:


@Turok Most of the EC “New Trend” line started in 1950, with:
Tales from the Crypt
The Haunt of Fear
The Vault of Horror
Weird Fantasy
Weird Science
Crime SuspenStories
Two-Fisted Tales
While not on the app or DC at all, that is quite the legacy for 1950 and some of my favorite books.


Thanks, I dont think i ever read EC except for Mad, where I
read reprints of the original.

It seems Mad first issue was 10/11/1952.

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It seems Comixology has 24 issues of Collected Editions on EC comics, 18 of which can be borrowed for the monthly fee of Comixology Unlimited.

Anybody read them and can give me recommendations

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It would eventually become a series. The Brave & The Bold #60. The first appearance of the officially named Teen Titans, which also included the first appearance of Wonder Girl.

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Oh wow those on comixology is the series I’ve been collecting! Put about $700 into it so far haha. Okay, so any Wally Wood volume is great, Spawn of Mars for sci-fi, and Came the Dawn for these controversial issue (from the 50’s) stories that still can pack a punch. Judgement Day has one of the most famous stories (in Judgememt Day). And Sucker Bait by Graham Ingels has some of the best horror around, including “Horror We, How’s Bayou?” And the Kriegstein one has some very experimental stories for the time. It kind of depends which genre you’re looking for. I’ve read more of the horror and sci-fi than the crime and war ones.



I might start with Wally Wood who I know from All Star Comics, Thunder Agents and I think early Daredevil.

Then maybe the War Comics, which would be entirely new experience.

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The Untold Legend of The Batman.

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Joker issue #1 1975

Either Kirby’s New Gods or Mister Miracle!


Yikes, DC Superstars is the only title on here that came out in 1976. Not even original stories, it’s reprints!

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