Favorite Comic Podcast 2019

Just curious what everyone’s current favorite podcast are. I will start;

  1. With out a doubt David Harper’s Off Panel podcast is my favorite. He gets some great creators, insiders and shop owners to pop in and discuss comics at large. Also the year end specials with Brandon Burpee are a giant love letter to Maggot and that is cool with me!

  2. The Daily Rios - Comic Geek Speak was the first comic podcast I listened to (even started before I bought comics). The original cast has since moved on from the show (RIP Jamie D.) but I still make sure to follow Peters solo efforts. He’s a DC buff and his content features deep dives into Titans and Legion.

My Marvelous Year - Comic book herald is a one stop shop for an absurd amount of reading list. To help support the site he started a read along Patreon supported podcast for the entire marvel universe starting in 1962. If you have an eye for nostalgia this podcast is a must!!


I listen to a ton of podcasts, but I would say my top three would be Comic Geek Speak, Word Balloon, and DC Comics Squadcast. Comics From the Multiverse, Make Mine Marvel, and Overlooked Dark Knight come in as close contenders, though. You have good taste, my friend. The Daily Rios is an awesome show! :+1:


My marvelous year is pretty good but the variant covers are vastly better than the standard reading w3ks

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My newest favorites are Who’s Who-The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, (currently covering the Loose-Leaf edition) The Batman Knightcast and last but Not least, The Justice League International Bwah Ha Ha Podcast by the folks at the Fire and Water Podcast Network (www.fireandwaterpodcast.com)

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I second golddragon71 in highly recommending the Fire and Water Podcast network. I listen to quite a few of their shows, and Who’s Who is one of my favorites, as well. I found their network through Michael Bailey’s podcasts (fortressofbaileytude.com), which I would also recommend.

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My Comic Shop History is a great show and tends to focus on DC.