Favorite Comic From Your Least Favorite Creator

We’ve all got one. A creator (writer or artist or both) whose work just doesn’t click with you. Whether the writing feels clunky or the art’s off putting, you just don’t seem to get them.

But sometimes not all of their work is that bad, and you can find that one good apple in the bad bunch.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Rob Liefield. But I’ll be darned if there wasn’t some cool stuff in his Hawk and Dove.

So what about you?

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Bruce Jones’ writing tends to leave me cold, but some of his DC stuff has been good. “The War That Time Forgot” mini he did was fun

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I just knew Liefeld’s name would come up in this thread.

I’ll have to think this one over @TornadoSoup.

I’m not the world’s biggest Scott Lobdell fan, but I really enjoyed his Convergence: Blue Beetle.

I think Grant Morrison can be pretty overrated, but even I loved the Stryker’s Island issue of All-Star Superman.