Favorite Character in Wonder Woman's Supporting Cast?

Thank you for that information

Myndi Mayer wasn’t there for that long, but the stories focusing on her are some powerful stuff. Love Perez’s run; also almost voted for Julia and Vanessa until I saw that Myndi made the cut. Though it looks like most people are casting multiple votes, so I’ll throw them and their Byrne-era clones the Sandsmarks some votes too.

Like what?

Mainly thinking of her death, which is a surprisingly grounded story in a more fantasy-oriented series and is… I wouldn’t call it a shock death, but it’s effective at being shocking.

But also I believe the first annual was her funeral, which has some really interesting character insights.

To toss in a few cents about Myndi Mayer, she was Wonder Womans agent and while checking alot of the boxes you would expect for a publicist, she had some interesting nuance to her. Also made an interesting point in showing and establishing that a superhero marketing and licensing themselves out isn’t necessarily a negative. It can be used for a good cause and to fund things that really matter.

Gosh…Now I just want to gab about the good points about all of Wonder Womans amazing supporting cast.

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What run was she in?

George Perez’s; his run is the first sixty-something issues of the 1986 title, though Myndi Mayer is mostly comparatively early in it. The dialogue is kinda rough in the early parts of the run, but the art is fantastic because Perez, and storywise it’s probably my favorite Wonder Woman run.

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What happened with the dialogue?

So, early in the series, Perez did the plot and art, but not the script. The scripts were mostly by Len Wein, who’s not bad, he just writes in an older style that’s denser to read (if you’ve read any comics from like the mid-eighties and earlier, you’ve seen this - mainly it’s just very wordy, with lots of exposition stuck into the dialogue and lots of narration). Perez started doing his own scripts later on, and his style was more modern.

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Thanks for that explanation

I kind of agree/see what you’re getting at, but I love Len Wein, God Rest His Soul.

Wonder Woman is both blessed and cursed with writers having the tendency to abandon supporting characters of the past and creating new ones. This has its down sides in that a number of characters have faded into obscurity and are not recognized by many readers.

On the other hand however, it has led to Wonder Woman having one of the largest lists of supporting characters of any comic book character. So much so that even naming some of the bigger members of her supporting characters and a few figures from differing eras still leaves quite a few unmentioned.

Artemis, she has always been my favorite character to appear in the Wonder Woman Series, and she even got to me wonder woman for a short while, kind of sad she’s not on the list.

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Didn’t they also kill her?

No, that’s the Artemis based on the Young Justice character. Artemis the Amazon of the Bana-Migdahl is still around, I think.


I’m talking about a red-headed amazon

Right, I don’t think they’ve killed the red headed Amazon.

Didn’t someone take over for Diana and get killed?

Possibly a long time ago, but if it was Artemis, she’s been resurrected a long, long time since.

I’m talking 80’s or 90’s