Favorite Batman comic writer?

Mine is Jeph Loeb and Dennis O’Neil

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Id have to say scott snyder, hes really knocked it out of the park ever since new 52. The fact that his entire run led to Metal, and that his batman (with his full new52 back story separate from rebirth) still exists in his JL comic currently is just awesome! Happy batman day nerds!

Grant Morrison

Snyder and Morrison.

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I agree, Snyder is probably tops for me right now.

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Synder and Morrison

Anyone but Tom King

Snyder and frank miller

Denny O’Neil is tops!

Chuck Dickson and grant Morrison

I liked Archie Goodwin’s run. I’m also a big fan of Tomasi. James Robinson’s Face the Face was awesome. Rucka is solid when he’s on Batman. So many. Honestly, I like MOST writers when they write Batman. Except the current books. I’m waiting for Tomasi to come back on to Detective before I pick any up again. White Knight was pretty solid. Morrison. O’Neil for sure. Brubaker. Loeb. Miller. Azzarello. I could list so many. haha

Back in the late 80s, it was Jim Starlin and Alan Grant. As for the more modern stories, it’s Grant Morrison. I love that he incorporates Batman’s entire history and various personas in his writing.