Favorite artist/character combo?

Mister Miracle-Mitch Gerads


.Howard Porter on Flash
.Doug Mahnke on Green Lantern
.Mitch Gerads on Mister Miracle
.Dan Jurgens on Booster Gold
.Tom Mandrake on Martain Manhunter
.Javier Fernandez on Nightwing
.Stjepan Sejic on Aquaman
.John Paul Leon on Static Shock
.Paul Hester on Green Arrow
.Jim Aparo on Batman
.Amanda Conner on Powergirl
.Ed Mcguinnes on Superman
.Michael Lark on Hawkman
.Dustin Nguyen on Batgirl
.Adam Hughes on Wonder Woman
.Yanick Paquttue on Swawp Thing
.Jorge Jimenez on Justice League
.Dale Eaglesham on Jsa
.Nick Deringtion on Doom Patrol
.Jerry Ordway on Shazam

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Some faves:

Greg Capullo - Batman
Andrea Sorrentino - Green Arrow
Alex Ross - Superman(I know he only ever really did Kingdom Come…but man I just love Ross’s Superman)


Alax Ross - Everyone ever.
I would also love to see a Jim Lee - Robin/Batgirl series


I think Brett Booth is underrated I like his art for titans

Superman - Jerry Ordway and Curt Swan

Batman - Jim Aparo and Don Newton

Wonder Woman - Jose Delbo and Gene Colan

I’m biased, but Dexter Soy and Red Hood. You can tell he absolutely loves drawing this character!

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So many great choices! I’m going to go with Marshall Rogers on Batman, Curt Swan on Superman, and Greg Land on the Birds of Prey.

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Starfire - Jonboy Meyers, Kenneth Rocafort, Stjepan Sejic, and Daniel Sampere
Harley Quinn - John Timms, Sami Basri, Stjepan Sejic, and Jim Lee

I don’t know if they’re my favorites, but I can confirm they are fantastic combos.
Batman-Sean Murphy
Harley Quinn-Amanda Conner
John Constantine-Riley Rossmo