Favorite Arrowverse show and characters

What’s your favorite Arrowverse show to watch?? And who is your favorite hero or character and Villain?

The Flash is my favorite show. Favorite villian is Deathstroke for sure.


Flash is my favorite Cisco favorite character and Zoom is my favorite villian

Some of my favorite characters are on Legends of tomorrow, but it’s really, really hard to watch a show that is so poorly written, or at least written so childishly- but not for children.
Flash has offered the most consistent quality until this season where it has really been sliding down hill. But the other shows are just hard to watch. I understand they want to make Arrow gritty, but everything surrounding him is there to lighten his mood. A better way about it would be to just write the characters well in the first place. And legends of tomorrow just makes me wince.
I guess that makes it Flash, but if we’re not afraid of going all Pollyanna positive, then why not just do something thats suited to it like an old school JLA or Green Lantern Corp?
I know, decisions were made high up at DC a long time ago about not confusing/ polluting their movieverse with sub par TV versions.
How’s that workin’ out?

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The flash is my favorite arrowverse show