Favorite Areas To Explore In The Batman Arkham Games

There are many cool places to explore in the games. These are my favorite:

  1. Panessa Studios (Arkham Knight)
  2. GCPD (Arkham Origins)
  3. Batcave (Arkham VR)
  4. Royal Hotel (Arkham Origins)
  5. Steel Mill (Arkham City)
  6. Ace Chemicals (Arkham Knight)
  7. Medical Facility (Arkham Asylum)
  8. Arkham Mansion (Arkham Asylum)
  9. Iceberg Lounge (Arkham City)
  10. Administration Building (Arkham Origins Blackgate)

Honestly,I loved exploring everything. However, I really enjoyed exploring the Batcave in Origins, as well as the Bat Safe House in Asylum.


Great question! Here are mine in a numbered list.

  1. Monarch Theatre (I guess you don’t technically explore it, but its one of my favorite places)
  2. Wonder Tower
  3. Botanical Gardens
  4. Museum
  5. Panessa Studios

I like the GCPD in Knight. It was cool to see what villains I had put away.


Tough one… (For the record, I have only played asylum, city and knight)

  1. Crime Ally (City)
  2. Penitentiary (Asylum)
  3. Outside the Iceburg Lounge/Museum thingy (City)
  4. China Town (Knight)
  5. Batcave (Knight predator location. May be a DLC)

I love roaming around in Arkham Knight. I’ve played multiple times and I always notice something new. I actually played yesterday and noticed “Quilt Shop: Crazy Prices” (Crazy Quilt) for the first time. I really love all the " plain" places like the streets and alleys.