Far Sector

Who all’s taken a look at the first issue of the FAR SECTOR series!? What a great sci-fi book! And it uses the space cop side of the Green Lantern Corp perfectly. I’ve wanted to see a “beat cop” style Green Lantern tale for quite a while now and Far Sector is off to a great start. And I can see Jo becoming a fan favorite GL!


I did not like it at all Not my style of book. I look as this being created for the 5G crap and I’m not for that at all. I will not pick Issue 2 up.

I loved it. Young Animal is similar to the early Vertigo stuff.

I wanted to like #1, but it was a bit of a slog for me. I liked the characters and art just fine, just not the story.

I loved it. It was unique enough to hold my attention throughout and I like the murder mystery aspect.

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I loved it but I also love a) Green Lanterns who are not Hal Jordan b) Young Animal series and c) writer NK Jemisin, so I was probably always going to love this book.

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