Fancast for Dream Batman Project:

It would be something Arkham Based, directed by Guillermo Del Toro. Based on A Serious House on a Serious Earth and Long Halloween. I think the trial of Calandar Man would be amazing to adapt to live action.

Scarecrow- Matthew Lillard, Shaggy has the perfect build for the good doctor, and an excellent emotive range that could go from nuanced to manic.

Joker- Mark Hamill, I know the Mouse and Time Warner are bitter enemies, but they did get Mark trained up to play Luke in Last Jedi. I say strike while the iron is hot. Use the iconic voice of Joker while he’s in peak condition. He’s not that much older than Nicholson was when he played the character.

Mr. Freeze Hugh Laurie, House MD would be perfect as Freeze. He’s tall, he’s got a good sarcastic monotone, and his long face would look nice and alien in the Freeze Helmet.

Clayface I- John DeLancie, Basil Karlo is an actor, with obvious connections drawn to his inspiration, Boris Karloff. While I would love to see an impressionist doing a Karloff voice for him, I feel the best way to adapt him is pompous Shakespearean thespian, and no one is better at arrogance than John DeLancie… Except maybe Patrick Stewart.

Riddler- John Mulaney, while I don’t think Carrey’s rubberface suited Eddie very well, Mulaney’s sharp dressed wit and self deprecating comedy fit Nigma to a T.

Ra’s Al Ghul- Siddig or Fehr, I think Gotham & Young Justice got it right. You have to cast Ra’s realistically.

Mad Hatter- Matt Smith, 9 & 10 were already swallowed up by Marvel. We need to grab 11 while we can. He’d make a great Tetch. Nervous and stooping, but secretly sinister.

Two Face- Oscar Isaac, he’s pissed at Disney over their multiple blunders with TROS and especially backing out of FinnPoe, I say we use that to our advantage. Also, he’s a dead ringer for Harvey in BTAS. I think it would be perfect to adapt his look from that. Enough of this burn victim stuff, bring back blue and green colored skin with white hair.

Calandar Man- Madds Mikkelson, why not lean into the whole Hannibal Lector thing and just cast Hannibal as Julian Day? He’d be great.

Deathstroke- Stephen Lang, he’s got that grizzled war vet thing down pat. Just add goatee & eye patch.

Poison Ivy- Kristen Stewart or Emma Watson, I don’t want to hear any pissing and moaning about Twilight. For one, owned by Warner, so ixnay on the iticismcray. Two, Kristen is a good actress who was cast in a bad role. Same as Megan Fox in Transformers and Hayden Christensen/Jake Lloyd/Natalie Portman in Star Wars. I like the idea that Ivy is being locked away from the sun and soil in Arkham as they torture her, attempting to convince her that her powers aren’t real. And the third act would have her breaking out and delivering swift retribution upon her captors. Showing that you cannot imprison mother nature.

Who else do you think would be good in this?


I agree on the 70’s era tone, maybe something that concentrates less on bombastic fantasy spectacle in favor of a grounded detective story with John Wick style action. In an Ideal world it would be a seasoned Batman solving a murder investigation over the course of one night, while simultaneously running a gauntlet possibly due to a Gang war caused by the murder he’s investigating. There would be several villains throughout but the focus would always be Batman.

I’m not sure who I would put in, so I just cast some randoms, also I agree on Tucci as strange and Cranston as Gordon.

Batman: Karl Urban

Joker: Walton Goggins

Alfred: Liam Cunningham

Batwing/Luke Fox: John Boyega

Luscious Fox: Ernie Hudson

Penguin: Tim Roth

Riddler: David Tennant

Scarecrow: Doug Jones

Killer Croc: Michael Jai White

Mad Hatter: Steve Buschemi

Batgirl/Cassandra Cain: Lana Condor

Rene Montoya: Gina Rodriguez

Harvey Bullock: Anthony Anderson

Two-Face: Armie Hammer

Victor Zsasz: Donald Glover

Black Mask: Billy Zane