Fanboy? Maybe.

As far as I’m concerned, DC and Warner Brothers have delivered exactly what they said they would. Yes, there are some bugs, that is a given in this streaming future. We need to give them honest feedback, not just negativity. The only group I can understand being upset is those from Amazon. It was not okay to say that it would be available then change that. But problems happen. Be honest with your fans. As far as the Snyder cut of Justice League, I don’t care. It was a good movie, just not marketed and handled well. They should have done all the solo movies first. Just my opinion. Let the haters hate.


I don’t want to build a straw man argument here, but are you saying the only kind of valid feedback is positive feedback?

Not at all what Im saying. Sorry for the miscommunication. Just simply mean, do it in a productive manner. Bugs are going to happen at launch. That should have been expected.

Exactly, I have a Firestick and was really excited to be reading comics on tv, but they pulled Amazon from the list. That’s fine, things happen. As long as DCU fixes most of the bugs and adds Amazon before mid-2019, I’m fine.

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“I don’t want to build a straw man argument here, but are you saying the only kind of valid feedback is positive feedback?” i think the issue is that a lot of the negative feedback seems to be coming from a place of ignorance. Meaning that there are a lot of people who seem to be expecting something that wasn’t promised. Things like the Fire TV stuff I get. But consoles were never discussed. People think they are getting full Rebirth runs. That was never discussed. So it’s coming off as more complaining vs constructive criticisms. I suppose that people can complain if they want. But if I buy LT package for my car, I shouldn’t be mad that it didn’t come with leather seats and a V8.

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I hate analogies people are coming up with. I can test drive a car. DC was kinda deceptive with their advertising. “Action Comics #1 to Rebirth”. If I come up with a relatable analogy I think of Marvel Unlimited. I didn’t expect the full back catalog on day 1 but on day 1 we all read the message “the full digital catalog will be available for purchase in October”. Meaning we will never get anything comparable to the only comparable analog.

The Fire TV complaint is a big one. I waited nearly a year to get CBS All Access on Fire TV. Amazon doesn’t like to play with competitors. Fortunately CBS paid Amazon by the time Star Trek came out and everything was cool. Hopefully DC plays ball with Amazon by the time Titans comes out, but there’s a chance it doesn’t and I blame DC for that because they should have worked out a deal before they advertised and sold non-refundable subscriptions based on it being available on Fire TV.


Yeah, when bugs and kinks are addressed it’ll all be water under the bridge (for most people) but I just have serious doubts about the content itself.

Comics: DC doesn’t want to do an “unlimited” thing like Marvel.

TV and movies: They don’t have enough content to rival the other streaming services or even Disney when theirs launches. But we knew that going in and I understand shows like Smallville and the CW stuff are under contract with other services. But the fact that the old Batman movies are only up for 2 weeks makes me wonder if some of this content will EVER show up here.

And believe it or not, I’m even concerned about the encyclopedia and message boards. I’m sure they’ll get better, but I doubt they’ll be as good as other resources and communities on the internet.

As far as people being mislead about the comics part, I guess I can see it both ways. I knew it wouldn’t be “unlimited” but that’s because I was skeptical and kept my eye out for that info until I finally got the (somewhat vague) answer I was afraid of.

But if someone wasn’t as diligent, I could see them being lead to believe that we would be getting way more. It was always obvious that DC didn’t want to admit how limited the comics would be. They certainly tried to talk it up as being more extensive than it has been so far.

Heck, forget extensive, how about practical. It’s hard to find complete arcs, not to mention complete runs. The question is: is that a bug or the intention?