Fan Theory: Zero Hour is a Prelude to Flashpoint?

So. After readind Detective Comics 678 on DC Universe I am convinced that the issue is PRE-Flashpoint before Thomas Wayne took over the mantle as Batman. Just hear me out. Perhaps Alfred shared his story with Thomas leading to the inspiration to become The Batman of his Universe. During Zero Hour this story is such a precursor to Flashpoint so many years before it happen.

What do you think? To me personally this story could totally be told in that Flashpoint Universe and sync up.

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I doubt it as Zero Hour came out in 1994 and Flashpoint came out in 2011.

Any similarities are just coincidences IMO.

It definitely wasn’t planned. But Geoff Johns did write Flashpoint, and he has a tendency to bring obscure plotlines into the mainstream with major importance, so it’s not impossible that he had it mind.

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