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Thoughts on our Swamp Thing Derek Mears as Lex Luthor???

This scene of him in prison walking into the room feels very Lex Luthor-y

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What about the rest of the team?

hmmm my guesses for some of the others:

For the Chief something closer to the Titans version of him I think Antonio Banderas can do it. I remember watching him in a spanish film called ‘The Skin I Live In’ where he played a surgeon who uses experimental techniques to help burn victims with methods that go beyond the code of ethics as he pushes his own curiosity and personal issues in the process. He was good in that type of role. It was a beautiful and disturbing film. I highly recommend it if that’s up your alley.

For Crazy Jane Brianna Hildebrand. She does a good job at giving Deadpool sh*t and I could see that happening with Cliff plus her with medium length hair kinda reminds me of Allison Reynolds from ‘The Breakfast Club’ which Jane’s look on the show reminds me of too.

For Rita Lizzy Caplan. I’ve seen some interviews with her talking in a kind of classy way that reminded me of Rita from the show. I’ve mostly seen her in comedies but people in comedy also tend to be able to pull off drama as well so who knows.

Casting ideas for Vertigo’s “Fables”?

Andy Samberg as Wally West! I think this would be perfect


Could work

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Martian Manhunter
Andre Braugher (it’s all about the :sparkles:gravitas :sparkles:)

Wally West
Andy Samberg (guys come on this is perfect I know he’s not ginger but he has The Vibe)

Kite Man (hell yeah)
Bill Hader (perfect balance of manic energy and pathos)

Harvey Dent
Aaron Tveit (okay, this is a deep cut, he’s a Broadway actor who’s best known for playing clean-cut pretty boys but recently he’s expressed interest in doing more weird, dark stuff, and he was a very entertaining axe murderer homewrecker in AHS and I think he’s a way more interesting actor when he gets to be A Traumatized Little Weirdo)

Now I’m just trying to cast everyone in Brooklyn 99 as JL members…


Rosa as Hawkgirl
Amy as Wonder Woman
Terry as John Stewart


That’s what I was thinking! Charles is throwing me a bit… Plastic Man?

Terry could also be Black Lightning. He has two daughters and everything!

Gina as Zantana


Love that


Is it just me or would Keanu Reeves really make a good Batman, from the mannerisms to the appearance?
I know he played the animated Batman in Super Pets, but I would like to see him in live action.


I want him to be an old Dick Grayson in a Batman Beyond movie, he could have been a good Nightwing in the 90s I think he still could be a cool one now.

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I didn’t think about that. That would be pretty cool!

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