Fan Art Highlights: Yara Flor!

Yara Flor is one of our newest Amazonian heroes, debuting just recently in March 2021. To show some appreciation, we wanted to share with you just some of the many pieces of fanart making their way around the internet!

By: jasricart (Yara Flor by jasricart on Instagram)

By: SebastianvonBuchwald (Yara Flor - 97 by SebastianvonBuchwald on Deviantart)

By: Rock (Yara Flor by Rock on Twitter)

By: gabro (Yara Flor by gabro on Twitter)

By: gentlekevs (Yara Flor by gentlekevs on Reddit)

By: rabiscosdapaula (Yara Flor by rabiscosdapaula on Instagram)

By: mariananaca (Yara Flor by mariananaca on Deviantart)

By: Cowboy Jazzy (Yara Flor by Cowboy_Jazzy on Reddit)

By: DanE-Phantom (Yara by DanE-Phantom on Deviantart)

By: MatheusGomesArt (Wonder Woman Yara Flor (Future State) by MatheusGomesArt on Reddit)

Have you seen any Yara Flor fan art in action? Do you have a favorite? Have you MADE any of your own? Let us know in the comments below! :wonderwoman: :point_down:


:exploding_head: Now, that’s art!

I’m going to bookmark this thread. That way, when I’m next at my company’s office, I can mosey into my boss’s office and print these out using their ink and photo-quality paper. :grin:


…are my favorite pieces. They’re all quite beautiful, and capture Yara perfectly.


:star_struck: Awesome! Thank you @Shayera.Hol! Here’s one:

(Mayara Sampaio)

And this ones concept art by Joelle Jones…not technically fan art, but I like it. :purple_heart:


adds the above to his “Print out when your boss is out of the office getting lunch for the two of you.” list

That would go nicely above my work area. I really hope licensed Yara Flor posters start to hit Hobby Lobby and the like. We need some wall goodies with her mug.




We need Watchmen TV wall goodies too.

Hell, we need all of the goodies for our walls that we don’t yet have! :laughing:


I know- I’ll take some Sister Night too, plz! :laughing: I think about stuff I’d like to have that doesn’t exist far too much.

Found another one:

(ggruez @ Deviant Art)


I’d need more walls.

I wish they’d kept the giant thigh tattoo idea. Sets her apart a bit more.


You don’t want to know how many Mind Miles I’ve clocked in while dreaming of the Kenner Yara Flor that will never be, while at the same time dreaming of the McFarlane Yara that hopefully will be, one day.

It’s times like these that I feel I should sign-up for Twitter and/or Instagram. The above piece is my favorite yet, and has me thinking of using part of it for a new avatar.


The orange and lays one are probably my favorite.

Side note making something with her in the fan art challenge this week. Found this one in reference hunts.


:rofl: As long as your boss doesn’t send us the bill! I figured you’d enjoy this thread in particular - I definitely recommend signing up for Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, or Deviantart if you haven’t already, as that’s where we find most of the fanart for these threads. I’m excited to see what you choose for your next avatar if you decide to change it!

Thank you for posting this @Razzzcat (alongside the pieces by Mayara Sampaio and ggruez - they’re both so lovely)! I love looking at concept art and this design is great. I concur with @keath that the tattoo on the thigh is a nice detail - I also really like the stars on the side and the red face paint. I’ve seen quite a few pieces of fanart incorporate the latter.

:scream: I’ll definitely keep an eye out for when you post it! The fan art challenge threads are one of my favorite parts of this community. Thank you for posting one of the references you found as well - the pose is really dynamic and I love how they drew her lasso. :grinning:


:joy: Technically, I don’t have a boss, but she’s my “boss at the moment” as I’m doing work with her company.

'Sides, if anyone got the bill, it’d be Office Max. Take that to the Max!

I miss Kinko’s. They sold Crystal Pepsi when I was a kid. Coupled with that smell of fresh paper and ink, it was a heavenly combo to li’l me.

I’ve been so tempted to sign up for DeviantArt in the past, in particular to follow local artists I used to know (when I knew them, that is).

Whenever I’ve posted art in threads like these, I just use Google. Why give Twitter my time when that’s better spent here? :wink:

Ah, thank you. :00_hawkman: I had thought of changing it to something non-Yara, but then I thought to myself “Self, come on. Don’t.” so if I change it, it will likely be of a different Yara-flavored piece…such as a limited variant cover that costs way too much. :grin:


Tried to pick my top 3 but they are all amazing! :heart_eyes:

To add: I like this one by @vascogeorgievart on Instagram!


Wow, I especially love the work on the background and her armor in that piece! Thanks for posting it. :heart_eyes:


I like it too. Thanks for the share.


I found a few!

by artbyavasan

by queenretcon via tumblr


Lucciano Vecchio on DeviantArt:

Jahnoy Lindsay on Reddit:

Carna Guevara, from Tumblr

Michell Ed, from Twitter

DeviantArt’s scarlethex


Love love love all of these additions! Thank you @mccaggers91 and @Vroom.



These are incredible!!!


Agreed! Very nice work by all the artists. :00_wonder_woman_gold:

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