Fan Art Highlights: Superman!

Are you ready for the upcoming release of Superman '78? We certainly are! To celebrate the new release, we wanted to share some super fanart of our favorite Kryptonian hero in action!

By: artstefani (Superman by artstefani on Instagram)

By: haining_art (Superman by haining_art on Instagram)

By: Cris-Art (Superman by Cris-Art on Deviantart)

By: KIM (Superman DC Icon by KIM on Twitter)

By: Leonardo Menezes (Superman Fanart by Leonardo Menezes on Reddit)

By: blackfrost70 (Superman Fanart by blackfrost70 on Reddit)

By: Roberto-Flores (.Superman. by Roberto-Flores on Deviantart)

By: Jackademus (Superman by Jackademus on Deviantart)

By: BongzBerry (Welcome to Metropolis, Man of Steel, REVISED by BongzBerry on Deviantart)

By: Agustinus (Superman’s Profile Picture by Agustinus on Deviantart)

Have you seen any Superman fan art out in action in Metropolis or Krypton? Do you have a favorite? Have you MADE any of your own? Let us know in the comments below! :0_superman1: :00_superman1: :point_down:


These are all :00_superman1:uper awesome™:+1:. I like 6 with the markers the best. But 2 and 8 are also some good one. And who can’t forget Bats :sweat_smile:.


Some of these totally look like they are from actual comics! Very :superman:weet!


Awesome fan arts! Love the black and white one

Nit pick alert

Not the biggest fan of the first one because the bullets are still in their casings other than that it’s awesome


I saw the Batman one and just had to include it! :batparrot: I love to see fanart of just normal interactions between the Justice Leaguers - they’re often my favorite moments in any media.

I definitely had to take a second-look at some of these because I couldn’t believe they were fanart - I thought they must’ve come off the pages of some comic somewhere! :0_superman1:

The shading on it is incredible. :heart_eyes: Such a classic pose as well, really great work by the artist!


I love them all…but I think this is my favorite


Super picks!

I posted some before in another thread. Here’s links.


I love all of them, but I think I might like the first one best. It has sort of a Silver Age feel to it.


Thanks for sharing those three @moro, they’re all amazing! :heart_eyes:

Good eye, @mercurie80, I can definitely see some influence. :grinning: