Fables: Good or Bad?

Fables is a very interesting case of the niche dark fantasy comic that went on too long instead of getting canceled half-way through. This thread is just meant to be a retrospective on the series, and whether more good or bad came from it. I liked it, honestly. Even though it went from excellent to average after the Adversary story wrapped up, I never really thought it was bad. Anyway, just discuss!

Just a quick one for now. Fables is great. My favorite Vertigo title of all time, one of my favorite long form graphic stories. I love this series.

Yeah, from what I’ve read, the stories after The Adversary isn’t BAD, but it doesn’t ever quite hit the same highs either.

I am starting to reread Fables in trade at Comixology

The first couple issues were blah

But by the time of “Wooden Soldiers” it became great.

I enjoyed all of Cinderella mini arcs.

The idea that one character could be in all stories of that type whether prince wolf or witch was a brilliant touch.

The series peaked at issue 50 and then my favorite characters werent featured as mj

It had a lot of little touches:

Beauty objecting to Cinderella presence at war council since she only sells shoes.

All of the witch’s battles with other supernatural forces, with them treating her like ‘a’ witch when she was ‘The’ witch.

How the animals in the ‘Upstate Farm’ were weaponized with no hands.

The times Sleeping Beauty was weaponized.

The romance between Snow White and Sheriff Wolf up to issue 50.

Who the Big Bad was and why he was so formidable.

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