Every one of you are heroes

In your own unique way.

Maybe you did something small like put a smile on someone’s face, maybe you washed the dishes for your loved ones without realizing they had a headache or backpain, maybe you stuck up for someone when they were getting bullied, or maybe, just maybe you rescued a pet and adopted/sponsored a child.

Whatever it is, whatever you are doing, know that you make a difference in the world today. You don’t need to impact thousands, you just impact one person and you might just be lucky enough to see that good deed snowball it’s way into breaking some chains somewhere. Your positivity empowers hope.

I think that’s what make superhero fans so unique, we strive to be like the heroes we read about, we look up to them because we genuinely want good in this world and that’s a beautiful thing :smiley:

That’s all I got, have a great morning/day/night!


Thanks, Gibby. You’re a hero too for helping me start my day with a smile.


My pleasure! :slight_smile:


Very nicely put. A statement of hope and how one can positively impact those around us in a manner of ways offers a nice, pleasant start to any day.

Especially Doom Patrol Day :slight_smile:


Amen to that!

I need to catch up on Doom Patrol and Young Justice, I have been focusing so much on Batman cartoons too much lol


I failed to get to the latest Doom Patrol episode last night, but will get to it later today. I had intended to catch it last night, but found I had run out of time. So it goes.

It is nice to get a little positive attitude now and then. Sometimes all it takes to help someone is a smile. A smile can go a long way towards helping someone overcome a less than happy mood, or get them out of dwelling on less pleasant things.

This thread is like seeing an unexpected smile. :slight_smile:



Happy to hear it!


And this deserves more attention…


MisfitH, and your post as well! You are very kind!

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Thank you.

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Anytime :slight_smile:

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