Every Major DCU Event 2/20

I’m starting a new segment about compiling every event happening at DC this week!

Wednesday: Comic Book Day!! See some of the highlights here:

Thursday: Watch-a-long with @Reaganfan.78 They are watching superman/ batman public enemies DC Universe

Gotham Ep. 7 Ace Chemicals on Fox

Friday: Doom Patrol Episode 2: Donkey Patrol
Trailer Here: DC Universe

Also Doom Patrol Watch-a-long

Doom Patrol Watch-a-long Post-show: https://discord.gg/CEHVFup

DCU Book Club Week 23 Red Hood: Lost Days #1-6

Saturday: Saturday Morning Cartoons Watch-a-long Justice League Episode 1-4

DC Daily Book Club Doom Patrol 26-27

Weekly Reading Recommendations: DC Universe

That’s it for this week!

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