Every DCU Book Club (8/3)

There are a lot of Book Clubs so I figured I would put them all into one post!!! (Ordered by Weeks active)

DCU Book Club Week 46 - The Big Book Club
Superman: Red Son #1-3 (If Superman was Russian)

Legion Clubhouse Week 16 - The Legion of Superheroes Book Club
Adventure Comics #354, 356, 357, 360. (Jim Shooters Run Continues)

[New to DCU] Week 12- The book club for newly added comics in DCU. * = minimal prior knowledge needed
*Action Comics(2016-) #1001 (Start of new run)
Detective Comics(2016-) #985 (On the Outside)
*Justice League Dark(2018-) #1 (Start of the new run)
*Teen Titans #20 (Start of new run)
The Flash #51 (Epilogue of Flash War)

[World of Superman] Week 7 - The Superman Book Club
Superman Confidential #1-5, #11 (Superman: Kryptonite)

[World of Wonder] Week 1- The Wonder Woman Book Club
Wonder Woman (1987) #1-6 (Start of Perez’s run)
Justice League Dark (2018-) #1 (Start of the new run)

[World of Bats] Week 1- The Batman Centric Book Club
Legends of the Dark Knight(1989) #1-5 (Batman: Shaman)

One-Shots Book Club Week 1 - The book club where you read 1 issue
Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score #1 (One-Shot)

Thanks everyone!! GO check out these clubs. Everyone puts hard work into making sure the books you read are fun and interesting!!


The one shots book club did have two other runs earlier in the past couple months, so glad it’s BACK!

I feel bad I can 't join in on all of these!

Maybe I’ll figure a way to “rotate” through the remaining clubs.

My choices for sure:

DCU Book Club: I’ve been with this one since the very first week, and this is the club that started up the Discord channel so many of us meet at to chat, share, do podcasts and strategize on fun activities to do here. I’ll be reading the selections from this particular club until either I move on to the next life or DCU does…

Legion: There is lots of the Legion I have never read, and the 6 year plan to go through every digitized issue available with DCU acquaintences and friends helps discipline me to get er done! Kind of like a fitness club for the mind…

[New to DCU]: I plunked down cash unseen for a 15 month chance to read DC Comics in an unlimited environment, as I have done for many years with Marvel Unlimited. The New to DCU club again helps me set aside time each week to actually read comics from exactly a year ago and get my money’s worth. There are stacks of Marvel Unlimited series that I really like but honestly just never get to.

[World of Superman]: Please note my nom de plume here…it’s not by accident. Superman has been my top DC go-to entertainment for many many decades, since 1964 or so…

One-Shots Book Club: Ok, I need help, I admit it. I couldn’t resist the sales pitch, “…where we read and discuss a single issue”…surely even though Grandpa Don-el still work 50 hours a week, he can fit in one more tiny slice, right?

But guess what? I want to be in the other two listed here too, I love me some Bats and WW, I just waxed eloquently on WW during last week’s reading… and as I type this yet another irresistible book club was launched, the InJustice book club, which I also want to read completely someday, and enjoyed when we did a piece of it for the DCU Book Club.

It’s enough to make a DC Fan babbling mad I say!!!

oh yeah, I forgot Injustice Book Club SORRY

Thanks Nathan!

Not sure if all club hosts will see my message here, but I’ll take a chance

Consider adding your clubs to the DCU calendar so the event is easy to see. To submit an event, go to http://yourdcu.com/cal

For instructions / calendar questions, go to this thread:

Happy reading =)



I just realized …it’s my personal Crisis on Infinite Book Clubs!!!


@JLWWSM I forgot about that! I’ll make sure to do it tomorrow.

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And your other post Nathan you mentioned four other possible book clubs… thing is, probably two out of four of those I would be extremely tempted by; the Flash and also Green Lantern, especially if they went back to the 60s.

Which brings up yet another book club that I hafe wanted to start up, but I would have to be laid off / fired to consider it…which would be like that one club online that does a year of Marvel a month starting 1961… something like that here for a year of DC a month, starting with Showcase Silver Age back in 1956 and just read you know maybe three or four sample comics from each year from 1956 to maybe 1980.

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@Don-El That’s a fantastic idea! Maybe I’ll steal it after my limited Injustice Book Club ends. If someone else wants to start it before that that would be great.

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@Nathan.Payson, Thanks for all the work you do to keep this community updated. :+1::grinning:

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@don-el, I would love that but I’m not knowledgable enough. Maybe HubCity Could?

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