Essential Reading Up To GL Rebirth

Is there a suggested reading list for Green Lantern books leading up to Green Lantern Rebirth (the storyline, not the label relaunch)? I’d love to read what led up to the story of Parallax possessing Hal and what followed in the Rebirth story. Anyone have any pulls for that story and are they available on DCU?

I’m don’t recall the reading order for Parallax and such, but I do remember Kyle debuted as a GL in #51 of the 1990-2004 series.

Other than one issue (it’s not 51, IDK which one it is offhand), I don’t think anything else from the 1990-2004 volume Green Lantern is on DCU at the moment.


@vroom Thanks so much for the reply! That at least gives me a place to start looking. I’ll probably make some noise on the suggestion box when I figure it out to see if they’ll add it.

You’re welcome. Sorry I couldn’t provide more useful specifics regarding Hal’s descent into Parallax, but at least you have a starting point to build from :slight_smile:

Start with Reign of the Supermen as it sets up what happens with Hal Jordan.

Then you want to read the Emerald Twilight storyline (issues 48-50 of the run Vroom mentioned) followed by Kyle Rayner’s tenure as GL.

Zero Hour is key as the first time Hal uses the name Parallax. Also Final Night (where he sacrifices himself to reignite the sun).


I’d say skip the pre-rebirth stuff and just dive into the Geoff Johns run. The concept of Parallax was a retcon established in Rebirth and fleshed out in later books. The books where Hal goes crazy and kills a bunch of people used the name Parallax as a new alter ego for Hal, but there’s nothing there about possession or anything.

It’s not that the stuff from the 1990s is bad. It’s just that, specifically, the Parallax mythology isn’t really a part of it.