Enough crying for one day: What are you reading?

I’m reading Red Robin and it’s fantastic. Tim has fallen a long way since this series.


Also reading Red Robin. Just bummed out crossover issues aren’t available. I’m stalled on the Judgement on Gotham storyline as the Batman and Gotham City Sirens issues aren’t available.
But I agree. I wish so much they’d give Tim another solo series. I miss him since he’s disappeared from Detective Rebirth.

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I don’t really even care for Tim but the series is great.

Reading Batman Eternal


90s Aquaman and Batman Eternal.

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Batman and the Outsiders - Barr and Aparo just can’t be beat.

Batman eternal and it’s great.

At issue 6 of Booster Gold and it rules. Hope he gets a solo series again. Preferably a 12 issue mini the way of Mister Miracle and Martian Manhunter.

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I’m reading Impulse, Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E and Action Comics 866-870. I’ve not read any of them before.

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I’m reading the flash rebirth. Via a deluxe edition book 1.

Will be picking up Batman Damned tomorrow. Can’t wait to read that.

X-Men, the New Mutants Graphic Novel, FF and Daredevil.

A service that actually lets you read more than 3 comics from a run.

Im reading a lot, but I just now read the latest issue of Injustice vs Masters of the Universe, and wow!

Just wow.

Been reading some classic Batman, Mister Miracle, and I’ll be reading the New Gods later today.

Red Robin is amazing! I’ve been reading Doom Patrol.

I’m reading the new Mister Miracle and believe it or not two of those Walmart 100-page Giants Superman and Teen Titans

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I’ve been reading Power of Shazam. Great series that ended to soon.


I’m going back and rereading Gaiman’s Sandman series. Any love for Morpheus (and his sister)?

Geoff Johns JSA run. He really supercharged this team for a new generation in this book, people really don’t understand what’s so great about the Justice Society. Pre-flashpoint, anyway.

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Batgirl Year One. After that I’ll probably read Robin Year One.

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