elseworld scene when Superman says they're having a baby.

So I heard that they may bring back superman as a tv show and Louis and John will be in it as in elseworld ep they say they having a baby so they have time to get ready for this and win John ready they can have a father and son superhero show then may be bring a Batman and robin as super son’s can happen lot of people did like the super son’s so maybe it can happen in tv this time be cool what you guys thing?

I think they are using the birth as a way to write off Superman until next year’s cross over event. Kara makes the comment , “Oh, so 9 months!?” And Clark responds, “Probably a little longer than that.” Which will drop it at crossover time next season. Superman will be gone, taking care of the “Where’s Superman” question that continually pops up.

One thing that I hope does happen with the next crossover is that Supergirl is put into the same universe as Arrow/Flash.


I’m surprised they even got married what with DC actively destroying their family in the comics.

A good way to write Supes off for a while until the major event. Very interesting where it can call lead