Eclipso- the Story…?… So Far

Alright, so here’s what you’re missin if you haven’t been reading this recent funnyboook adddition. After the Darkness Within event, Eclipso decides to take over a South American drug city. He wipes out ALOT of people and puts the rest to work on making cocaine so he can poison it up and do more bad stuff…?..but it’s gonna be ok cause Amanda Waller sends in Bruce Gordon, his wife, the Creeper and Cave figgen Carson to stop him…?..this doesnt go well. Then its a 2 part flashback with Sherlock Holmes…?..before back to the present with Amanda’s NEW plan, send in more C-listers! Peacemaker!Nemesis!Major Victory! More Creeper! This is no Watchmen, this is DC goin full 90s Image but with characters we know and not just xmen ripoffs. Wild, breezy reads, good/not good summer fun.

I loved The Darkness Within event, but was always puzzled that Eclipso got his own series after that. I remember reading it back in the day (I was young so technically I shouldn’t have been reading it) and the only memorable thing about it was the death of many of the “Shadow Fighters”

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