Earth's Only Protector

Some cosmic entity or other decides to make you the Earth’s only superhero.

You get to select 3 DC characters to get your skills, powers, and abilities from before you go to work.

Remember you are alone in handling everything and not guaranteed to be welcomed by everyone. Not to make this too hard, you can ignore weaknesses.

I’d pick:
Martian Manhunter, Superman with shape shifting & telepathy

The Engineer, Sometimes a show of force is better than actual force.

Lex Luthor, might need to think my way around some things.

Feel free to get your characters from comics, TV, film, or games.


The flash- he has the speed force in him. He has speed healing making it almost impossible to kill. He could do anything that involves speed: phasing through solid objects, time travel, tornadoes, etc. He also is just an amazing problem solver and is really smart.

The turtle- He has the still force in him. I would be able to slow down and freeze time. And more abilites I am yet to discover

Jai west- he has the strength force in him. He can increase in mass and strength thus making him almost invulnerable. He can also control gravity, and do stuff kind of like the force from star wars.

I basically want to be in control of a bunch of FORCES. Makes me very powerful and capable.

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