Earth 2

I don’t know how many feel as I do but I would LOVE for you guys to release the Earth 2 saga. That has to be one of my favorite storylines of recent years.


I’ll be sure to submit your request! :blush:


Yes please


I especially liked Power Girl.and Helena Wayne Huntress in.Worlds Finest, by Paul Levitt, in the new 52.

Tom Taylor was excellent in the last few chapter of Earth 2, with a Flashpount like Thomas Wayne, with the powers of Housman, a Lois Lane Red Tornado, a Mere like Aqua woman, an Oracle Luke Jimmy Olson, and the black son of Zod, against Parademons and an insane Superman.

I particularly remember that Kara called Lois Mommy when she was very young and learning to fly.

She said the same thing when they met again, with so much change, but love remaining.


@Darrcide Yes yes yes!!! I’ve steadily been searching for that each month. That would be awesome! It was definitely one of…if not my favorite series from new 52

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I second wishing the World’s Finest with the earth 2 Power girl and Huntress was on here. Although as a rule you can never have too much Power Girl.

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If everybody reads the Huntress mini series, in our library, staring Helena Wayne on the main Earth, you may get Worlds Finest. It is the prequel to it

I suggest JLWWSM look at the series, and if she likes it, use it in DC Book Club.
She already likes Power Girl. Imagine the two of them together on the main Earth.

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Yeah as I would love to read that again!!!

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Throw in another vote. I really would love all the Earth 2 books on here.

Power Girl is my favorite DC hero and I haven’t explored those stories yet.

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I have not read the Earth 2 saga, but would love to read them. I looked at the prices on for the series, and that is out of my budget range right now.

I am several years behind on the goings on of the DC Universe. I think I ended up canceling my subscriptions at a local comic shop just after the first 52 event. It was no longer economically feasible to keep up with all the comics I used to read after that point.

It sucked to halt comic collecting, but I was having comic book storage problems by then anyway. Also, I was unhappy with several of the changes, but did want to continue with several of my favorite heroes anyway. But with a sudden cash problem, that was just no longer possible.


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I liked Earth 2. I loved Earth 2: World’s End (favorite weekly of 2014) and what I read of Earth 2: Society was pretty good.

World’s Finest was a solid title too.

Seeing any or all of these here would be nifty.

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