Earth 2 and Red Lanterns full series please!

I am loving being able to read the full run on the New 52 Swamp Thing. I was reading it when it was originally coming out. Unfortunately my life got really busy with school and work, and I fell out of reading comics. At that time I was also reading Red Lanterns and Earth 2. If DC could put those two full series on here, I would absolutely love them more than I already do. Not to mention Guy Gardner is my favorite superhero!!


Seconded. Would love too read Red Lanterns and the Earth 2 epic

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I will surely shoot your request over to the team! :blush:

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Me too!!!

Ditto. I am itching to reread the Earth two storyline again. Matter of fact I never read the beginning of the saga that had the Trinity.

Does that include Worlds Finest Title, with Earth 2 Power Girl and Huntress stranded on main Earth?

Later on they migrate back to Earth 2.