Dream DC VideoGames

What are some of your dream video games you wish DC and WB Games would go for? For me its…

DC Universe vs Marvel fighting game
Justice League by Rocksteady
Justice League Dark
Bat Family
Green Lantern
The Flash

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Oh and Batman Beyond


Superman (Rocksteady)

JL (Rocksteady)

The Flash (Insomniac)

DC vs Marvel (Capcom or Arc)

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Capcom? Hell to the no! DC vs Marvel needs the Injustice team at NetherRealm

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Lol! you don’t like capcom? … anyways, you know i thought about that but i can’t see a DC vs. Marvel game using the Injustice engine. I feel like it’s a little too “sluggish”, I’d rather have them go for the kind of game like Marvel vs Capcom or even like Dragonball Fighterz using the Unreal 4 engine.

And to be clear i love IJ2 and still play the sh*t out of it. I just think with a game like DC vs Marvel it would be a better fit to use the Capcom and/or Arc game model. Just my opinion of course.

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This is what I would love:

Green Arrow(Crystal Dynamics)
Batman Arkham prequel(between Origins and Asylum)
Wonder Woman(Ninja Theory)
Justice League Dark(Tango Gameworks)
Shazam(Sucker Punch)
Injustice 3(NeatherRealm duh)
The Flash(Insomniac)


Some great choices :slight_smile:

Injustice 3 seems kinda like a given and so I didn’t add it as a dream game. I’m confident it’ll happen after Mortal Kombat 11(already in development).

I am hoping for an all new story for the series though. I want Flash to go back in time and stop the events of the first game but of course new crazy stuff happens. I want Darkseid or Lex to be the villain instead of evil superman and his regime

A really cool Constantine game that involves a lot of magic and powers into the combat and puzzles.

A Nightwing game that looks like true Akrham games but feels more like Spider-Man PS4 in terms of how he moves.

A Justice League game that plays like those Marvel games last gen, think they were called Ultimate Alliance.

Maybe a Suicide Squad game could be cool.

We actually did get a Constantine game over ten years ago loosely based on the movie and the comics.