Dream DC Universe?

I’m not sure if this thread has been done before, but what would your dream DC Universe App be? No money restrictions, no pre-existing licensing deals, none of that; Just pure hopes and dreams.

For me I would love to see this be a one stop DC shop with all DC movies & shows on here and as many comics as possible. The Arrowverse shows would be on here the day after their episodes air on the CW, DCEU movies added on the the service the day they release physically, and DC Original Series dropping in full.

That’s what I would love for a DC Universe app. Do I think any of that will happen, no. But hey a guy can dream, right? What about you, what would your dream app look like?


I’d like to see the Snyder cut released on here.


I would like to see every single issue of the Superman (1939), Batman (1940), Activity Comics (1938), Detective Comics (1937), Wonder Woman (1942) and Sensation Comics (1942) series on here for starters. Every issue of Green Lantern and the Flash Golden and Silver Age. I would also like to see every single issue of the New 52 all of the series. I highly doubt any of this would happen but if DC really cares about it’s fans then they will make it happen.

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I think you mean Action Comics (1938) and if you go to the Comics board, there is a thread that asks what comics people want on the service, and you can request Golden and Silver Age Flash and Green Lantern comics. I do not recall the beginning, but it ends with “… and How You Can Help.” I will relook and share what the beginning is titled.

Also, I like the picks for more Golden and Silver Age comics.

Beginning- “Comic Book Changes: What to Expect,…”