who wins this magical showdown

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Phantom Strange is way more powerful, right?

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Phantom Stranger
As was listed in Who who’s
“These abilities also defy any attempts at classification”

He can operate on mystic/magical/cosmic scale. He’s right up there with the Spectre Power wise.

We really don’t know the upper level ceiling of his powers. They’ve never been shown. Yeah, he’s vulnerable to physical attacks, if caught unaware. But if it’s a ready, go, fight situation with Dr Fate, I know where I’m putting my money down…and it ain’t on Dr Fate.

Phantom Stranger all the way.

The Stranger doesn’t do magic he draws on the power of the creator, Dr Fate uses magic, so long as he’s allowed the power Stranger

Phantom stranger he’s got the defense and then attacks I guess lol

Phantom Stranger because he is cool with Deadman

Stranger but against me I win all the way,

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Hmm, Lord of order vs actual angel…well, at least it would be epic !

This is a good one. I’m a bigger fan of the Stranger, but I’ve always seen Fate as much more powerful.

I’m not sure there’s really a contest here. Doctor Fate’s a powerful magic-user, but the Specter himself couldn’t kill the Stranger. I’m not honestly sure that Doctor Fate could do anything to harm him. The Stranger, meanwhile, is a bit like Gandalf, as I see it, in the sense that he’s very powerful, but also forbidden from directly confronting evil with his power, so he advises and guides. Basically, Fate can’t really hurt the Stranger, while the Stranger can’t really attack Fate. Doesn’t really make for much of a fight. Of course, both character (the Phantom Stranger, moreso, but also Fate) have been depicted in wildly different ways over the years, so who knows?

I don’t think Phantom Stranger can even die… Fate while all powerful and what not…he can be killed. The Phantom Stranger isn’t mortal.

This actually happened in the most recent arc of Justice League Dark… Fate beat him!

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It depends on what winning means. And which fate and which stranger. Recently in their last fight Fate through the Stranger into his helmet.

An interesting article in Friday’s News section. I can believe Fate threw him into his helmet. (Or the PS let Fate think so.)

Was their confirmation he actually landed in there? It wouldn’t be the first time the PS has basically just disappeared and given no reason.

I’d like to root for my boy Fate, but I gotta be honest, and Stranger would have this one in the bad


Fate won in the new JL dark.