Dr. 13 Will Rain On Your Seance Parade

Been following this supreme skeptic since GHOSTS issue #100, but just rediscovered him in the pages of The Phantom Stranger back from '69. Life is never a cakewalk for him.


I’m doing a re-read of Seven Soldiers and he makes a brief appearance in the first issue of Zatanna. I mostly knew him from the back up series in Tales of the Unexpected. I really liked his daughter Traci in the first Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle title.

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I mostly know them from the Azzarello/Chaing back-ups, but really liked them there. :slight_smile:

It is a bit of a tangent from Dr. Thirteen proper, but did any of you ever run into the New 52 version of the character? He appeared in back up stories in All Star Western because that version was around in the days of the old West. Like the traditional version, he was a supreme skeptic and went about busting supernatural shenanigans, proving them to be some kind of chicanery, but he also utilized some steampunk style gadgets. I really liked that version of the character.

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Yeah, I loved TOTU! And Seven Soldiers is an all time favorite of mine. I should revisit. Funny how Dr. 13 lingers.

Funny you mention it, I’m on Issue #10 right now. There couldn’t be more appropriate placement for Dr. 13. Fantastic title. Palmiotti and Gray with Moritat churn well together.

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