Doomsday Clock - Missing Issues?

I can see from the wiki page that the ‘Doomsday Clock’ run is currently comprised of 12 issues. However, only 8 of these 12 issues are currently available to read via this website. This lack of completeness does not compel me to purchase a sub after my trial expires…just saying.

Issues go on DCU a year after their original publication date. The next issue should be here in a few weeks, though the last issue won’t be up until December


Borrowed from wikipedia. Add a year to each row to get their approximate DCU release date.


DC Universe costs about 8 dollars a month maximum less if a yearly subscription.

A comic Book issue costs a minimum of 3.99 an issue.

The monthly subscription is equivalent to about two current comic book issue. Instead you get about 23 thousand in our library.

Putting current comics in the library
Would mean the following could no longer
Be in business:

DC Comics which actually prduces the Comics

The local comic book stores

Comixology which sells the comics digitally.

DC Comics set the following rules for inclusion.of THEIR PRODUCTS in the DC Universe Library, so the above companies could remain profitable.

Available in library a year after published.

DC Universe Comics only. No Vertigo or Black Label, with only exception. If Original.Content based on Title

No original Graphic Novels like Killing Joke and Earth One titles.

A few titles that sell very well in trade
such as:

Watchmen considered now to be Vertigo

Batman White Knight Now Black Label

Mr Miracle best seller

Probably DCeased year not up yet though

DC Comics makes the rules not DC Universe, which are separate units.


All great points. Didn’t know about the year delay, just thought it was selective…and is, at least partially, based on your point about DCeased likely not becoming available. :slightly_frowning_face: I did read 5 books during my lunch break today, which alone is worth more than the monthly ask…mine is really more of a question about sustainability (looking at the year commitment). I still have to make a final assessment, but you have me leaning toward buying-in, so thanks for the info…and not being some kind of way about it, like some tend to do in forums. Cheers.


You are most welcome

Glad I could help.


I will say that the comic library has improved greatly from when this first launched. There was a rotation of comics and there was a rush to read the titles. For example, I was reading Teen Titans which was about to expire so I missed out on Batman Long Halloween. I have no issue waiting a year for comics to hit the service and they have been digitizing even older comics to add to the service.


Welcome to the forums and community! :slightly_smiling_face: