Doomsday clock #9 discussion

Personally I loved #9! The past 8 issues have been great also but kinda like watchmen it was a slow buildup but now the story is ramping up. To see the entire DC universe fight Dr. Manhattan and lose was just great! And seeing Lex Luthor know about the different timelines was phenomenal and even seeing DR. Manhattan get in Firestorms head was amazing! Geoff johns knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat


Best issue yet! Guy Gardner stole the show, dialogue-wise.

It was fun seeing DCU stalwarts go up against Manhattan. Curious where #10 will go from here.

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Agreed, Guy Gardner was hilarious. when he was talking about how he has defeated Darkseid, and the anti monitor I was thinking “Dr.Manhattan is no Darkseid you have no idea what yourself getting into”

I was happy to see Captain Atom stare down Manhattan. That was the fight we had all been waiting for!

You know I’m always happy to see The Question. I’ll take even a small cameo.

Love how guy punches Manhattan and manhattan actually falls down but then vanishes and reappears again like nothing happened

I know this is a weird thing to point out, especially in a crazy, awesome issue like this, but I love how the Question has the same font/speech bubble style. That’s just how much I love this series. I geek out at the speech bubbles for cryin’ out loud!