Doom Patrol reviews are coming online

Reviews for Doom Patrol are making appearances online and I have read the 9 that I have been able to find and just like Titans and Young Justice before it the critics are loving it, 8 of the 9 were mostly positive with 3 of them calling Doom Patrol a crown jewel or break out hit for DC Universe! Oohhh come on TGIF!


Less than 4 more days! :grin:




I read a review on Collider. They called it the best live action DC television adaptation ever made!




Bold kind words


Collider huh? They’ve been a little too wishy washy “go which way the social media winds blow” for me in the past. Calling Doom Patrol “the best live action DC TV show ever” is all fine and good, but how many episodes have they seen?

In any event, I’m glad the show is getting good reviews. I hope that boosts it’s awareness amongst the general population by a substantial margin, which is good for DCU as a whole obviously.


@Vroom they all have seen the first 2 episodes that were made available for screening. Screen Rant, and Gamespot to name a few that published reviews and they all praise the show as amongst the best that DC TV has to offer. I know it’s high praise but I hope they are right and Doom Patrol is every bit as good as we think it can be!

Calling DP the best DC show ever after only two episodes is a bit of a Plastic Man style stretch. I mean, it’s just two episodes. You can’t judge any show to be the best after so minimal amount of content. Maybe after the first season is over, sure.

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Addendum: I too hope Doom Patrol is every bit as good as it looks (and it looks really good!) and we want it to be. I want this show to shatter expectations and be a household name.


@Vroom I’ll agree calling it the best after seeing only a couple episodes is a bit of a stretch, if they had been able to screen I’d say 5 episodes for viewing and then come to that conclusion it definitely would have more gravitas.

It’s going to be difficult to top Titans but I think it can :slight_smile:

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@Redhood.55520 I think Doom Patrol could be right up there with Titans as being top notch shows that everybody wants to see.

I’m hyped for sure

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