Does Your “My DC” tab work? (ios)

Mine has not worked for 2-3 months now. Put in a ticket but response was working on it. Curious if I am the only one? Or if everyone is? Touch the My Dc and it starts to load, never loads and the app freezes. Can you not read downloaded books on your iPad without My DC working? Going on a big trip and now realizing I will not have wifi for some of it, would like to download some books and actually be able to read them.


I am also having this trouble and have for months. Nearly everything I use that app for I can do, but I can’t access my history (not a huge problem for me) and I cannot clear my cache. This means that nearly every issue has a black screen at page 7 that requires a wait before it loads or goes to Alfred.


Wow. So at least not just me. I started to feel it was just me since no one is complaining.

Mine hasn’t worked in months either. Just didn’t bother to complain since issues are never actually addressed.


OK so, poking around with this, I made the following changes in app settings:

Disabled notifications
Disabled background app refresh
Set picture access to “selected photos only”

My MyDC tab is now loading at regular speed. Hopefully that will continue. I did a lousy job of a controlled experiment by changing three things at once, so I don’t know which did the trick, but hopefully that’s a help to others experiencing a similar issue.

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I have the same issues, and no amount of fiddling with settings on my end has worked. Frustrating, because accessing my full Comic History and reading lists is a big factor in overall usability for me and how I use the app. Never mind the annoying, inevitable blank/black page that hits in the middle of every book I read.

I love the service, for all the years I’ve been subscribed now, but have been really unhappy with the persistent lockups on the MyDC tab and blank pages that take minutes to load when reading in the app. It’s absurdly bad.


yep. nice to know In paying a monthly fee for a service thats been constantly screwed up since two updates ago. I need my history to keep up with the series that I read and pay for. cant do that now. before that couldnt read anything for about a month while the app stopped switching to landscape or just crashed all together when zoomed. honestly, as I type this, it occurs to me that I shouldnt be paying for this service at all.


My “MyDc” tab will load only if I am in Airplane mode or otherwise not connected to the internet. Uninstalling and reinstalling used to get me a couple days of proper functioning, but after the most recent attempt the tab is just entirely empty— unless I’m offline, in which case it loads and I can access downloads.

Hey everyone, sorry to hear about this issue you’re running into. For the time being, please send in a help request to our Customer Support team for any issues you may be experiencing with the DCUI app.

Thank you!

The airplane mode tip was helpful! Thanks. Finally deleted some downloads I haven’t been able to get to for months. Of course as soon I went back online… the app completely froze.

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I did, was told we know there is a problem. This was over 1 month ago now.

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Yeah when my membership is up, i wont be renewing until i can use the app as intended. I’ll be looking at the other membership service

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Seriously. Over a year since a real update. No one is working on this app.

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I have to do it 3 to 4 times. Login go to my dc than wait than logg out. On the 3 or 4th try it comes up after waiting about 2 minutes

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Sad, sad truth.

Sad that nothing has been done to fix this.

At the end of the day people actually pay for this service, you would think it would be taken seriously


Oddly mine was working well yesterday but has started acting up again today.

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People on the Facebook fan page are reporting that it’s finally working for them.