does DC universe plan on showing more than 1 original show at 1 time

Could we see a show dropped on a different night

I know next year, they’ll be dropping Young Justice and Swamp Thing at the same time. Right now it looks like they’re just getting the initial lineup out and focusing on making sure there’s no gaps in between programming. I don’t foresee them having a CW situation where theres a new episode for five different shows on five different days, at least not this soon.

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We’ll probably see this more in year 2 as current shows get second seasons and new shows are launched


I think they said their plan was to eventually after a year have two shows premiering episodes at the same time

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I think it could be cool getting 2 shows a week

I think it’s one show a week for the first year, once they show all the shows, they will get more comfortable and start reducing the time

Jim Lee said the goal is to have new TV content every week for a year, with Harley Quinn overlapping another show. There’s a schedule somewhere out there on them internets.

Not until Harley Quinn comes out next Fall.